28 October 2008

Dont ask why....

multiple posts in one day.... but these are just too cute!

HB Lori

So I know it's 7 days late here, but I swear I saw her on her birthday and said Happy Birthday!

This is what I made her! She loves that kind of stuff! Small, simple and wont break with 3 little boys running around! Not to mention that she is the only girl in the house! A little pink doesn't hurt!

Pumpkin Hunting and Bowling

It's that time of year again! We went to get some pumpkins, and of course go bowling! We found a new place this year, the Evelund Family Farm, it was a really nice place! The kids had a great time!

They had goats and pigs and sheep and cows!

Man eating Pigs that is! and horses and peacocks - I really really want yarn that color!

But best of all they had pumpkins!

Big ones, little ones, round ones, bumpy ones! Although according to Lil, the hay was itchy!
I think Adam had a good time to, here's one of him lookin' cute!

After the pumpkins we went bowling, the kids are really starting to enjoy bowling!

But check out that score! Not bad for someone who bowls maybe once a year!

23 October 2008

It makes me want to cry!

I saw snow.... SNOW! yesterday it snowed and I got proof, yes it may have only lasted a short bit, but it stayed on the ground for at least 2 seconds at a time.... I have yard work to do, I need to rake! I dont know where the hats and mittens are! I'll post the pics of that snow tomorrow!

Anyhow, So Mini Sid was sent off to his new home with Asappa, a friendly Dogless enviroment, it really was a better place for him to be!
We adopted Tabby-tha and Boo (Boo glows in the dark!), they seem to be enjoying their new home!

I got my "The Great Me Swap" package from Supermitines on Rav. A LOVELY red yarn for Canada, some Dutch chocolate and some face masks, that I am having to fight adam over!
This weekend I will be doing the Yarn Store Shop Hop!!!! This time I have the pleasure to be bringing my fiber friendly Auntie Kathy with me! I soo can't wait! I'll try to take some pictures.

Oh, we got our firewood set up at the house, I'll try to get pics up of the kids hauling wood. Lili had a great time and I think Joe wanted to do more! WOW! a kid who likes hauling wood! Reminded me of the days of Andy and I hauling and splitting wood all day! Ah memories!!!

20 October 2008


NEVER go with allstate for insurance, better yet never never never go with the McNeil Agency. HE SCREWED ME totally messed up my homeowners insurance ($70,000 under insured) and instead of taking blame, tried to blame me (VERY MUCH HIS FAULT!)


oh and he took an extra 9 days to cancel my account! COST ME MORE TIME AND MONEY!


14 October 2008

Ah Mr Tuesday - will you love me forever?

Hello all, another Tuesday going by quickly! Things are pretty well, we had a busy weekend! Our first fire on Saturday night, Lili had a great time. Joe wasn't home so that part was a little sad, but we'll have many many more fires! It was great to lay in the grass and talk about the trees with Lili, very relaxing!

Lets see, Friday Lili had no daycare so we drove up north to meet my new niece!
Lili really loved holding her and playing with J's puppy Stewart who is a 75lb big baby. It was so great to see J again and to hold the baby, soo very very cute! and tiny! only 8lbs! Lili was 10.6 when she was born and Miss A is 3 weeks!

Saturday Lili Axel and I stopped by Lori's house to get some fire wood - I think everyone had fun!

The kids were great with Axel, and he was great with them! It was nice to see Lili in the dirt and play in her new car boots that NEVER come off! (She has a slight obsession with mud boots).

Well, I will leave you with a little knitting and I do mean little, I've been making "mini" things lately!

07 October 2008

One more!

Bug is at it again!!

She is really enjoying her water painting book!

Her first Halloween craft! Glitter and Glue now encase my office! I think it was worth it dont you!?!

For Amanda

Lets see if I can explain this right. I can see that I didn't take enough images, but we'll see what you can get from this!

Cast on the amount of stitches you need
Distribute the stitches on the DPNs.
Before joining make sure that you have all the "bumps" down, (making sure that you dont twist)

With the working yarn on the right needle, start your dpn knitting on the left needle as you would normaly knit or purl, the first round is sometimes a pain in the butt!

Be sure to keep an eye on your tension so to close the gap in the needles. so, once that is done, knit knit knit, knitting in the round lets you not have to purl to get the stockinette stitch. Try a simple roll brim baby hat or a hat for yourself, play around with different stitches. Dont give up trying, it didn't work for me the first or even second time, but now, it's my fav thing to do!

There  are a ton of tutorials on youTube, check them out, there are some really great ones out there, dont be afraid to ask questions on RAVELRY! 

hope this at least gets you started!
take care,