22 July 2016




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05 November 2009


31 August 2009

it's been a week!

one week and one day. I've had my baby home now. She is doing really well. It's been a tough week, but we're getting
through it. I'm adding some pics of June's monitor. This is supposed to be GW this weekend/week. but since June was
born, we had to cancel this year so Jesstine and Steph came over for a couple of bottles of wine, a bottle of Miscato
d'asti and a call to texas to get the far away member with us (and we did try to find sara with no avail). It was nice to
have a little adult time even if I was at home and adam was watching the kids.

Lili also drew a picture of Axel ( no help - I htink she did great) and is not into spider and skull tatoos.
She told me that she had to have a skull tattoo to make her tough, so she gave herself two!

20 August 2009

Pics of June and her story

Thought I would send out some pics of the new addition! She is doing very good in the NICU, still no date for bringing
her home, but she's getting better every day! The last one was taken tonight just after a bath!!!!

She is still in the NICU at north. I had her on the 14th She was 37 weeks 4 days (a little early but not much). Soon after they took her (i had a c-section) they realized that she was having breathing issues, you can see how blue she is in some of the pitctures. Once in the NICU they determined that she had premature lungs. They wouldn't stay inflated and she would have a hard time just breathing. Her O2 level was very low and her respitory rate was 125+ (normal is between 40-60). They tried her on an oxygen hood for a bit but that didn't work so they put her on a cpap machine that not only gave her a tad bit of oxygen but mainly pushed air into her lungs to help keep them inflated. After a couple of days on that her billyrubben got to high (she was jaundice) so she was put on light therapy for a couple of days. Now, She is learnign to eat and breath at the same time and not to have apniea when she sleeps. she had 3 episodes yesterday one of which her heart rate dropped to the 50s normaly it is in the 130+. but she was able to pull heself out of it. 

I am home now, 2nd night home with out her, but she is in excellent hands, the nurses at the NICU are really awesome people. She had a really great day today and was able to have 3 feedings in a row where she ate 45-60mil (just over an ounce and up - an ounce is 30mil). If she continues this shen may be able to get rid of her IV! That also gets us one step closer to her coming home. 

There is still no set date on her coming home. We dont even know if we will be able to bring her home on monitors or not. We will know more tomorrow. She is a strong girl and is in a very good place.