04 March 2009

I'm still here

I know I know, it's been a while. Im at 14.5 weeks now and no releif of the "morning sickness". It's tolerable if I take my drugs on time (and no they are not harmful to Rex, I took them with Lili too).
I'm really not enjoying any of this but there is like 25 weeks to go... maybe I'll be knitting by then.

Let's see, Lili is doing great, no more diapers and very very few night time accidents, she's growing so much! She has figured out how to change a diaper on her baby cici, and to be honest I think she'll be my offical diaper changing helper with Rex, she's pretty good!

Joe is on Spring Break, so he's at the shop with us everyday... yeap all day everyday I think he's ready to be back at school! He is going to Washington in a few weeks, hopefully it will be a good trip, I'm not excited about it minus that he will be seeing my in-laws for a day so that makes me feel better, at least we'll have good contact with him for that time.

Adam is still working on his Roach Motel movie, Im a bad wife and dont pay much attention but I know it's at least moving along.

Axel is getting big and is getting more and more afraid of Harley (our female cat) she likes to beat him up. Sid is more and more cudly, same way he was with Lili, but now he stinks to me so he has to be next to me and not on me, I think I've hurt his feelings. Lili gives them all enough "love" for the whole family! Harley even lets her carry her around and that is just not done by anyone else! And to think Harley HATED Lili when we brought her home!

Anyhow, I go in again on the 16th, we should be able to hear a heart beat by then. Rex is movin around quite a bit, still small movements, but they are there. Lili can't wait to feel Rex move, she sings to "rex" nearly every day!

Hope all is well with everyone, talk to you all soon.