28 October 2008

Pumpkin Hunting and Bowling

It's that time of year again! We went to get some pumpkins, and of course go bowling! We found a new place this year, the Evelund Family Farm, it was a really nice place! The kids had a great time!

They had goats and pigs and sheep and cows!

Man eating Pigs that is! and horses and peacocks - I really really want yarn that color!

But best of all they had pumpkins!

Big ones, little ones, round ones, bumpy ones! Although according to Lil, the hay was itchy!
I think Adam had a good time to, here's one of him lookin' cute!

After the pumpkins we went bowling, the kids are really starting to enjoy bowling!

But check out that score! Not bad for someone who bowls maybe once a year!


MORGAN said...

wonderful pictures at the pumpkin farm and bowling!
you and Lili look great in that one pic, and yes your Adam is handsome

love the halloween post and colours!

MORGAN said...

oh yeah: peacocks are my favorite! we see them often in the playground/petting zoo we go to often with Sarah...
those colours are magnificent...

I wish we had so much choice for pumpkins, here it's not that big of course...