09 January 2008

Socks socks and more socks!

After working late last night (hostile take over of the company - by myself!) I got home, got the kids to bed and it was already 9:30! ugh! So I did a few more rows on dadRandy's gift which I forget to get a pic of, I decided to throw on the Jan Sock KAL sock for my socks anon. group on rav.

a 3k1p rib and my first toFutsie! I love these shortie needles I picked up at the ol' amazing threads! The fit right inside my hands!
My mom's socks are slowly coming along... kinda board with them right now and I'm not sure why!

I do have a cute story! So yesterday When it was time to leave, Lil was insistant on going to grandpa's! She wanted to go no where else! So being that I worked late and Adam and the kidlings had to pic me up, she got to go to the shop and see Grandpa! Anyhow, she also has been all about the jeep! "I wanna sit in Cherry (the jeeps is named cherry) go now! I sit in Cherry!" So we walk over to have a ride in Cherry who needless to say wasn't running the last and only time Lil has seen her, and Lil starts freakin out! Doens't want to sit in her, go for a ride let alone even let me open the door. So... she sat on the tractor instead, then "GO SEE GRANDPA!" we head over to the other bay where my dad and hubby are getting ready for the next day and Lil wants to "drive" grandpa's truck! Point of my story: She will NOT go in the jeep, but she'll go in a big ol' bucket truck that her 2yrs old head is well over mine as she sits in the seat and hangs on the wheel! CRAZY KID!

* Yeap another migraine today.... but not one can of Mountain Dew! (I have had some soda but only to keep the migraines at bay for most of the day - but i haven't boughten any!)

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