15 January 2008

Sock of the month club!!!

They called me last night and told me I can come and pick up my sock yarn/pattern today!
I am SOO excited! It's been an interesting week. I signed a 6month lease today and hopefully that will be the FINAL lease I have to sign with these people. Let's just say it's not the greatest apartment. The neighboor hood is great dont get me wrong... We go new landlords like oh about a year ago. They are really not doing much to keep the place up. I think it was a hole when they bought it and just dont have what it takes to update. Dont get me wrong. It hasn't been horrible. There have been some bad neighboors and what not but hey there are no rats or anything.

I am hoping to have a house and a yard for my kids to play in. (my own yard that is!) I WANT WINDCHIMES. Maybe it's because I'm not allowed, but I want some! I want to have a bbq in the winter without the fire department being called. (Yeap! My son's birthday a couple of years ago - he wanted a summer picnick in January.... so we bbq'd and some one in the building called the fire dept. because they said they smelled gas!? (it was a coal fire)). The school district cut a lot of things for the middle school kids (mainly sports and all afterschool activites), I love the district but I want my kids to have the same oportunities I did. I dont know what I would have done had it not been for sports and stuff. Needless to say I think it will be a good move, sad, but good.

On the needles:

I have finished the gusset of the first cable clock sock for my mother. I dont know why but they are taking FOREVER! I am using my MIL for my "keep me calm at work" I like to think of it as the "less stress project"! I really do need to be better at planning gifts for people! I think I will start in like JUNE for christmas this year!

Well... I'd love to write more and add some pics but I have had a couple of jobs come in that need to be done asap. I promise to add more pics tomorrow.... and tell about my tradgedy the other day!

Have a good one!

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