26 December 2007

Merry After Christmas!

I survived!
At least I think I did! I had 16 people in my house for X-mas eve, but it went pretty well!~
The kids all had a good time!
They all made cookies to send home for Santa! and Joe and Lili helped make the Gingerbread house!
I Finally was able to give my sister Jodi her purse! My sister Lori made a Pie for dessert that was Awsome! Oh and Joe gave us a trumpet concert!

Just so you know there is no order to this blog, I swear someday I will organize all this and make it pretty!

The kids loved thier presents! Lili was a tad crabby! but since she had such a long weekend I dont blame her!

OH! and on the knitting side of things! I got some yarn from Adam! (Plus some fabric and buttons!) ALSO my NIRVANA dvd!!!!!!!!! I also got a gc to knit picks from my parents! Oh and some more yarn from my sister Lori! LOTS TO DO!

Above all, I finally got Steph's scarf done! I felted it in the washing machine, and it actually turned out! I had to go to the store and get a new skein cause I was 9 rows short! Yeap! 9 rows and I was not about to let it go! But now it's done and all is well!

I also gave my mom her minipeds and her stripey socks! She called this morning to tell me again how much she loves them!

So It's off to more knitting, I have many a birthday coming up and no time to waist!
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the count down to the new year!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I noticed in one of your recent posts that you were knitting socks with On Your Toes sock yarn. I just got some for christmas and having never knit with it before would like to know if you like it and what is wrong with it. Thank you!!