08 November 2007


It may be Thursday but it feels like a Monday! Slow and quiet. I think tonight is going to be the night I take over my new craft closet. We have 2 closets in our bed room and one is pretty much storage, so I am going to clean it out and make a proper place for my fabric, yarn, beads, and other crafts! It will be my own little paradise! HOW EXCITING!!!! Then I'll be doing the kids room, they both want bunk beds and since Joe's bed is a loft bed and Lili's crib converted to her toddler bed it should work out pretty well!

I'm sure you'll eventually figure out when in the right mood, I LOVE to organize or re-organize things in my house! I'll try to take pics of the closet if and when it gets finished! I am nearly ready to move into a house.... Pretty tired of appt living! I want to paint!

Anyhow, Lili's hat is coming along nicely and her blanket is only 11 rows from being done! The oldest UFO in the stash is nearly done I can't wait!!!!!

Have a good day peoples!

OH! here's a question:

If you could learn something new, what would it be?
-post a comment and let me know!

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