07 November 2007

The never ending hat

I started another hat for Lili last night. This is only like the 12th hat I have started but I'm not frogging this one! It's cute!
Lili's hat is looking really cute so far. I'm using some cotton yarn (the name of it is at home) I found on the yarn store shop hop this year! It was my first year and oh yeah! I'll be doing it again next year! What fun!
I have decided that knitting makes me too excited, I HAVE to finish my projects this time, I keep finding new ones that I absolutely love and then I start those and don't finish the last one. BUT my goal is to have all of my UFOs done by the end of the year!
I did get one of the mini pedi socks for my mom done. Hopefully she'll like them!
And to start listing my projects... egh! too many to keep in my head now!

Anyhow I gave "E" her womb yesterday and she loved it! (thinking about her today - today is the day!) I can't wait to do more weird projects!

As of new projects.... I was asked by my sister to design some weighted socks for her son. (he's being tested for autism right now) but I think I have the design in my head, if so... it could be a submission to knitty! Cross your fingers for me! I'll be working on it this weekend!

A visit to the LYS (local yarn store) never hurt anyone!


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