26 January 2009

45% +/-


Blogger finally let me put up pics from Christmas, There are pics of the lovely gifts from Nele, in Belgium, some of the Christmas knit wear that I made for people, and my awesome new wool winder from Adam! the second group is Xmas with the family, My sister and her new friend!, Jodi's Cat Harlem (who is tiny and lovey). Knit wear by me, and who is the cutest knitwear model? Zach bottom middle pic in the 2nd group, he was modeling the gloves I made for my sister! Too cute! The last mosaic is the mini vaca we took to Siren WI just after Christmas. Uncle Adam had fun throwing the kids around in the pool, Lili would go no closer to the pool than to hand out kisses to grandma and grandpa, and Joe got to go ice fishing for the first time with dad and grandpa! Still waiting on some pics from grandpa!

Not much else is new, I'm still feeling pretty low on the wellness scale, I have not thrown up in a while, but still have issues eating and drinking. I went in to the hospital outpatient clinic last week and got 2 liters of fluids through IV, they had a hard time finding a vein. We were there for about 5.5 hours, pretty boring. Didn't feel good even when we left so Adam had me stay home on Friday which was good cause I dont think I would have made it through work :(

We are hoping that this doesn't last as long as it did with Lili, it is surely worse than with Lili and started earlier, but hopefully wont last as long. I drove to Target today (about 4 miles), the first drive I've had in about a month! Adam had to drive home, I miss being independant, but I get really bad motion sickness. Lets hope that goes away soon too!

I have not knit a stitch in many moons, maybe a month or so? It's been tourture, but I just can't do it yet, maybe tonight my yarn will call to me... I miss it soo, it's like losing an arm or a toe. Phantom pains, it's gone, but I can still feel it! I will admit my hands are looking much better! Not so dry, but oh soo not worth it!

well, ta ta for now, I've got to get back to work!

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MORGAN said...

lovely pics!

hope knitting comes back
hope you feel better soon