11 December 2007

Konst är liv , liv är konst

Art is life, life is art.....
thats my motto anyhow! Today is Tuesday and last night was a way better yarn night. Although I didn't get much done I did have a better attitude towards my little friends! I even co a sock I had frogged and I dont think I'll be frogging again! Although I have been eyeing some new patterns and as of yet I have not followed a sock pattern so maybe I will give it a try! Who knows maybe I'll like it! AHHH!
I just found out that there will be a knit out at the Mall of America in Feb! I AM SOOO THERE! I can't wait! I think I'll go even by myself!

It's kinda a slow blog day, I dont have a whole lot to say and I am beside myself with design block! blah! what fun! I need to get back to my doings!

Have a great day!

Konst är liv , liv är konst
-live by it!

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Tikkunknitter said...

We always say at our house:
"If you know what you want to do, do that. If you don't know what you want to do, help someone else."
So, instead of stalling in the design doldrums, perhaps you'd consider helping us out at the TikkunTree Project, a knitting (and crafting) for peace project.
Hope to see you soon,